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Virtual Interviewing: How to Prepare for Success

According to various reports from the Gartner Group; CareerBuilder and Human Resources Professional, the trend in virtual interviewing and evaluation is rising at a rapid rate.

Corporations, large and small, are using technology to evaluate talent and are moving away from the 2-3 step onsite/In person interviews. The trend in virtual directly relates to the rise in technology tools that have created the ability for clients and candidates to communicate “in person” through the internet in an effective manner.

Candidates for positions that are requested to interview “virtually” as part of the total evaluation need to as prepared as the hiring company to be successful.


Here are a few “Steps for Success” in preparation for a virtual interview:

  1. Ensure that you have the tool or tools necessary for video chat.
  2. Check, your internet bandwidth as requirements products require a minimum amount to ensure conductivity is secured.
  3. Find the camera on your laptop or computer to “test” that you are looking into the camera vs. the monitor or other viewing screens.
  4. If you are using Face Time, secure your iPad or iPhone in a location that is secured and easy for you to view the camera and the interviewing party or parties.
  5. Background space. Try to conduct the interview with a clear or empty background. You do not want the interviewing group to be distracted or fixated on your background.
  6. Dress for an interview. The only difference between a virtual interview and an onsite interview is that both parties are not sitting together. Your appearance is a huge component of a positive outcome.
  7. Test your microphone and volume before the call. You do not want to spend the opening moments of the virtual interview tweaking the set-up and volume controls.
  8. Be confident and comfortable in this unique environment. This likely will not be your last virtual interview or meeting.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ailish Murphy, Founder and Owner of The Murtech Family of Companies and CEO of Precision Recruiting Solutions Group®.  Ailish began her career in the Information Technology Staffing vertical with Pittsburgh Business Consultants and advanced into a Sales Executive position with the Gartner Group. Ailish founded Murtech Consulting  in 2000 and she’s assisted to launch 4 additional companies over the last 18 years. She’s married to her husband and business partner, Brian, for 20 years, has 3 children and resides in Sarasota, FL.