The Wisdom of Short-Term Placements

People against wall

The old adage “let the buyer beware” typically gets associated with products one purchases off the shelf or off the car dealer’s lot. But the stakes may be even higher when it comes to “buyers” of full-time employees.

There’s the cost of salary and benefits involved. A binding contract. Liability for actions and decisions affecting the employee or employer. The resources committed to training a new employee – and the lost return on that investment, should the new hire not work out. Not to mention all of the expense in replacing such a troubling scenario.

In the ever-expanding market of technology placements, these factors take on greater importance and risk. A more cautious, strategic, risk-minimizing process makes sense when looking for tech employees.

Murtech’s approach of bringing short-term engagements to employers through a third-party allows you, the employer, to test out the person’s capabilities in a low-risk, low-liability setting. The term of engagement is kept to a reasonable length, and employment is not guaranteed beyond that limited timeline.

Using a trusted and experienced placement company means employees have first been evaluated and screened for specific tasks and responsibilities. And because we know you, your people and culture, we know which potential workers would make the best fit along those considerations. As an employer, you realize appreciable value through our diligent pre-placement work.

Specifically at Murtech, we insist the person up for any job has the final say in whether the placement will move forward. This mutually respectful decision-making process adds to the likelihood of a successful placement, while helping the employer gain greater confidence in the person being recommended.

A slow-as-you-go process, particularly regarding tech placements, can lead to longer-term benefits for both employee and employer. And it all begins with the right third-party making the right match.

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