Don’t Let Millennials Fool You

If you’re a Baby Boomer or Generation-X leader working with Millennials, you may be searching for guidance on how to best communicate with this foreign generation. And you are not alone. ...Read More

You’ve had the Interview – Now What?

“Fortune favors the brave,” as the old saying goes.  When it comes to job applicants in the post-interview process, it could be said that fortune also favors the diligent and attentive. As with every phase of the job search process discussed in this series of essays, while other people become involved and may play key…Read More

How to Navigate Office Culture with Difficult People

People are difficult. So, we find ways to not having to deal with them – we choose who we associate with and who we call our friends.  But then, there’s work.  At the office, you can’t control what type of personalities you associate with for a good portion of the day.  (Sometimes it may feel…Read More

Interview Questions Where We Falter

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” “Have you ever had a workplace conflict or argument?” “What if you were the last person on earth . . . ” Tough interview questions seem to be mandatory for any interview, regardless of position or industry.  The tougher the question, the more the interviewer places emphasis…Read More

How to Keep Yourself Viable in the Engineering Job Market

Like all job markets, engineering has its troubles.  Contrary to popular belief, having an engineering degree does not guarantee you a job.  Open positions in this sector can sometimes be few and far between, and when you’ve landed one, it’s a pretty even toss of whether it’s either for life or for a short production…Read More