The Evolution of Evaluation

“It’s time for your annual review.” These words have struck fear in employees for generations. With visions of relentless criticism, finger-pointing, and soul-crushing demoralization – capped off with a paltry raise, if any – the specter of the annual review has caused more heartburn than a week’s worth of gas station hot dogs. Today’s forward-oriented…Read More

Meeting a Rising Standard

At Murtech Consulting, we believe part of our responsibility to our clients and the candidates we help to place is to recognize and anticipate trends in the marketplace. It’s a role we take seriously. Recent months have revealed a number of emerging trends – each of which has the potential to greatly affect the Pittsburgh…Read More

Pittsburgh Rises To Tech Mecca

The Steel City. The City of Bridges. The Friendly City. Even Roboburgh, for crying out loud! (It’s been cited that Pittsburgh has twice as many openings in robotics than the rest of the U.S.) ...Read More

Everything Rests on Trust

Stepping out into the world of entrepreneurship can be daunting enough. It certainly helps to have people with whom you have complete trust in along for the ride. Just ask Brian Murphy, CEO of Murtech Consulting. ...Read More

The Wisdom of Short-Term Placements

The old adage “let the buyer beware” typically gets associated with products one purchases off the shelf or off the car dealer’s lot. But the stakes may be even higher when it comes to “buyers” of full-time employees. ...Read More