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2019 Hiring Trends: A Buyer’s Market

Job seekers are tired of the same old style of recruiting, and employers hoping to bring on new talent in 2019 should consider changing their ways or stay the course at their own risk.

The outlook for recruiting quality employees in 2019 calls for employers to devote resources to and engage in behaviors that support a “buyer’s market” outlook. Younger, highly sought-after, and high-value job-seekers have higher standards for their treatment throughout the recruitment process and are less afraid to move on from processes that don’t meet their needs. The onboarding process and the availability of employee handbooks (you can check zenefits.com or similar blogs that illustrate employee handbooks to learn more) make it easy for them to get used to the new company culture they are part of.

Humanresourcestoday.com posted an article this quarter citing a number of trends that will change how recruiters can attract talent in 2019.

Some highlights include:

  • Companies are now developing and implementing new recruitment marketing strategies to encourage applications and better select the right fit for openings. Also known as inbound recruiting, this approach focuses on attracting, converting, and engaging candidates by using an inbound methodology to build higher-quality candidate relationships. As part of this, the company may use an innovative talent strategy to assess the potential of the candidates or offer the job to those who have completed the recruitment challenges successfully.
  • Candidates are displaying little patience for recruitment systems that waste their time and/or leave negative impressions. If candidates are not happy with the job application process, they will leave an employer’s website, and leave the employer’s talent pool. Negative impressions are extremely hard to shake, especially if candidates feel they are wasting their time on lengthy applications, or if they’re not receiving adequate communication about an interview process. Happy candidates are likely to accept a job and become loyal employees. Unhappy candidates may exit the interview process altogether, or in a worst-case scenario, accept a job offer while planning to leave for another opportunity-resulting in lost time, talent, and resources for a company’s acquisition team.
  • Social recruitment, searching for candidates on social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and personal blogs and forums for hiring purposes, promises to increase in importance in 2019. This means recruiters will have to be more proactive, extending themselves beyond the traditional process of posting a job and waiting for resumes to roll in.
  • Employers should be actively and aggressively pulling and putting data to work and making improvements where possible. In using data analytics and research, employers can pay more attention to and leverage the benefits of metrics such as cost to hire, time to hire, and much more. If you are an employer, consider using an HR software to obtain the above benefits, while reducing the workload that comes with hiring, boarding, and training new employees.
  • All of this is not to say that some old school practices won’t retain their effectiveness. Referrals, for example, remain the best way of sourcing candidates. It is the shortest, easiest, and most powerful way to assure credibility and identify and hire the right candidates.

Above all, candidates in 2019 want to be wanted. They believe an employer needs to demonstrate a clear desire for their talent. Woo them, treat them with respect, and you’ll attract top-tier talent that is loyal and dedicated. If they feel disrespected or that their time has been wasted, they won’t hesitate to move on to the next opportunity.

While you are looking for a job, you may encounter numerous types of difficulties. It is possible, for example, to be rejected if your health is poor or if you are pregnant. For such cases as “not hired because pregnant“, you can contact employment lawyers who can help you file a case against the employer.

The hiring trends for the upcoming year encourage employers to treat the recruitment process with a buyer’s market mentality, where you need talent more than talent needs you. Whether or not that concept is entirely true, experts seem to agree that 2019 will be a year of evolution in traditional recruiting practices.

Source: http://www.humanresourcestoday.com